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Download Alpha Installer .3 Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (17MB, MD5: 6646ab9c7c00968958c890d7806aa7b6)
Download .1 Alpha Linux 32-bit (Broken)
Download .4 Alpha Mac OSX 10.x (22MB, MD5: 3bd381ef4cc5fbfcaabe3646cac48793) – Drag an drop to Applications on the Dock

Linux release coming soon, stay tuned!


The development of BookONO is paused until we can find some time and/or money to work on it. You can help make BookONO happen by donating $50, a hundred donations buys you 30 days of development. We will also make it open source if $50,000 is donated and drop everything and bring to version 1.0 ASAP. So far $0 has been donated (this number is updated daily).



BookONO, formerly Gnosis, is a free e-book manager and convertor designed as a compliment to Calibre. It is written in C++ using the Qt4 (soon to be QT5) Toolkit. It isdifferent from Calibre in that it makes a few different design decisions than Calibre, for instance it does not attempt to put all your books in its own library or change their names. Where Calibre attempts to take complete control over your books, BookONO gives you control over your books. BookONO further attempts to take a different direction in terms of its UI, providing a more user-friendly, aesthetically-pleasing experience than Calibre.

BookONO does not attempt to reinvent or rewrite Calibre’s programming, instead calling Calibre to do many of the tasks that Calibre already does… We hope in the future to rewrite slow aspects of Calibre, naively in C++; but leave the rest of the job to Calibre which Kovind Goyal has obviously put a lot of thought into and we’re grateful for that.

In addition to the standard features of managing books, BookONO also includes an internal browser. The browser allows you to convert any web page to PDF and store in BookONO.

BookONO allows provides multi-client syncing and cloud services which allow you access your books anywhere.

Program Changelog

Alpha .3 (August 21, 2013)

– Book views update automatically when new item is added or deleted; web page still work in progress.
– Multi-add works much better and allows users to edit each item.
– Fixed program checks for updates.
– Description now uses a richedit view instead of HTML markup.
– Better descriptions for input fields and search buttons to get data.
– Tabs now use icons.
– First tab can’t be closed any longer, avoids crashing condition.

Alpha .2 (August 15, 2013)
– Notes work to some extent and auto save when switching from one item to the next. Still need to make notes buttons work.
– Program checks for updates each time it loads up.
– Made each tab completely independent of the main view.

Alpha .1 (August 8, 2013)
– Initial release.
– Most things don’t work.


BookONO: Neue Calibre-Alternative zur eBook-Verwaltung » eBooks, Software (German)

Free Ebook Manager Tool to Manage All EBooks: BookONO (English)

BookONO is a simple e-book manager with a built-in internet browser (English)

BookONO: eBook- und PDF-Manager mit Internetbrowser als Calibre-Alternative (German)

Organize sua biblioteca de PDFs e E-books com essa ferramenta eficiente, que conta inclusive com navegador próprio. (Brazilian Portuguese)